Our Center is welcoming and comfortable. The meditation classes are suitable for both absolute beginners and more experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome Buddhist, non-Buddhist. We wish for everyone to be able to benefit from the tool of meditation.

At the beginning of class the teacher will guide a gentle breathing meditation to help us relax and develop a beneficial motivation for attending the class (both chairs and seating on the floor are available).

Then the teacher will give a practical teaching on some aspect of Buddhist meditation and practice. There is usually time for questions and answers.

classThe class ends with a short guided meditation designed to help take the teaching to heart and gain confidence to practice when students leave.

Our teachers are skilled in helping practically apply Buddha’s timeless advice to our own daily lives, with appropriate analogies, stories, reasoning and humor.

Afterwards, for those who wish, there is a chance to talk to the teacher and other students informally while enjoying refreshments.

FAQs About Classes

No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits. Buddhists respect everyone and are happy to help anyone regardless of whether they subscribe to another faith, or to none.
No. All you need is the wish to learn about meditation and improve the quality of your life.
If you think you might like to take notes, bring a pen and notepad.  There are both chairs and cushions for sitting on the floor during class.
Our classes cost the about the same as a yoga class or a movie. As a non-profit organization all class and membership fees go directly toward the operating expenses of the Center and branches. We have no paid staff, although the resident teacher’s basic needs are met by the Center. While we are part of a large network of centers and branches in 40 countries, we are supported entirely by our local students — we do not receive any outside funding whatsoever. Our doors are open to provide the invaluable tool of meditation to everyone experiencing mental and physical suffering and problems, but to do this we have rent to pay and a utilities bill.
If you cannot pay the full class fee, we just ask you to pay what you can; half, a dollar, nothing. It is simply about creating causes for us to provide meditation to you and others.
No particular attire is required, just be comfortable.

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