December 26 – January 24
Vajrayogini Counting Retreat

Vajrayogini Counting Retreat

December 26th – January 24th

The instruction of Vajrayogini is the most profound teaching of Highest Yoga Tantra. In many respects, it is ideally suited to the present day, for example because it reveals how we can transform our attachment into the spiritual path.

We are delighted to let you know of a very special Vajrayogini Counting retreat at the Dharma house.

Thanks to the great inspiration Gen Wangpo received last year, we have the amazing opportunity to do a full-blown Vajrayogini Counting Action retreat. We will count 100,000 three-OM mantras and thus draw very close to Vajrayogini and her supreme retinue. We will also gain the qualifications to be able to engage in Mandala actions such as Self-initiation.

This is a rare and very meaningful opportunity and we are very happy to be able to do it in a smaller community like ours. This is a superb reflection of Gen Wangpo’s kind heart and his understanding that we need to engage in this retreat for our spiritual growth.

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