Clear the Clutter!

Our annual yard sale is approaching, and we will benefit from your donations of household items. By eliminating some of the clutter in your house and gifting it to our annual yard sale you not only create a more peaceful environment at home, but in the whole of the South Sound as well!

Our annual yard sale is our principal fundraising event of the year and we are looking for furniture, glassware, china, antiques, jewelry, bicycles, toys and other items and anything else you think might sell (no clothing or shoes please).

We appreciate if you could hold on to your donations until closer to the date of the sale (May 19 & 20), but if you are unable to store them until then please:

    1. Send an e-mail to Selma at [email protected] to request someone to pick up your items or arrange a time to drop them off at our storage sites.
    2. Bring your boxes of items to a regularly scheduled class.

We are able to provide storage options at the Center in Tacoma or at the Dharma House (just off exit 109) in Lacey.

We are in need of your goods that no longer serve you to help us make this year’s yard sale beneficial!
Show your support by:

    1. Donating items to the yard sale that are no longer useful to you.
    2. Informing family and friends that their unwanted items can be donated to the yard sale.
    3. Shopping at the yard sale.
    4. Spreading the word to your yard sale enthusiasts.
    5. Making a PayPal donation on our website below.

Your giving of material wealth will help continue our meditation classes that guide you and others to peace, love and compassion in their daily lives. We are a 501(c) non-profit so your donation is tax deductable. Thank you for your kind support!