Saturday, October 19
Learn to Meditate

Saturday, Oct 19
10am – 1pm

People coming to our Buddhist Center will often ask questions like: How can I be a better meditate? Where do I even start? Can I meditate? We get so many questions that we offer a regular series of Learn to Meditate classes.

To answer these questions, our classes include events in October (to deepen our experience of concentration ) and December (a meditation retreat the weekend before New Year’s Eve).

This month we begin by looking at concentration and focus. Often we have heard that we need to concentrate. But, no one really knows how to improve their ability to concentrate. Generally, we feel you either can or you cannot. Actually, Buddha taught that concentration is a quality of mind and like all qualities of mind, can be developed. This class will cover Buddha’s teachings on the development and maintenance of concentration and opportunities to practice.

Class fee is $25. Reduced rates for seniors, students, and unemployed.
Everyone is welcome.

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