Path of Inner Wisdom Retreat
Sept 14 – 20

Path of Inner Wisdom Retreat
Sept 14 – 20

Starting in childhood is a time of transition. We tend to shift gear as the summer ends; at the Buddhist Center, we do the same. We start in September with a meditation retreat. The focus of the retreat – besides meditation – is wisdom. We look to enhance the scope of our wisdom and prepare a foundation for our good qualities to grow over the course of the year.

By engaging in this practice we will systematically deepen our understanding of all the essential meditations of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. We will learn how to develop a daily meditation practice that will have a great positive impact on our and others daily life. If we gain deep experience of Lamrim there will be no basis for problems; we shall be completely free of all of them.

This retreat spans 7 days, with 4 sessions a day, meditators and would-be meditators have the opportunity to increase their wisdom many times over. Each session is a unique topic, and while they build upon one another, you could enjoy a single session, many, or all of them.

The meditations will be based on and guided out of the text called New Meditation Handbook.

Cost is $8 per session, $15 per day, $50 per retreat.
Free for Foundation Members and Benefactors
Everyone is welcome.

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9-10:30 am10-11:15 am9-10:30 am9-10:30 am9-10:30 am9-10:30 am9-10:30 am
12-1:30 pmbreak12-1 pm12-1 pm12-1 pm12-1 pm12-1 pm
4-5:30 pm 4-5:30 pm 4-5:30 pm 4-5:30 pm 4-5:30 pm 4-5:30 pm 4-5:30 pm 
7-8:30 pm7-8:30 pm7-8:30 pm7-8:30 pm7-8:30 pm7-8:30 pm7-8:30 pm