Past, Future, Present: Living Your Best Life

Past, Future, Present: Living Your Best Life

Wednesday Nights 6 – 7:15 pm

The idea of time is vastly different in the Buddhist perspective. While we can argue that we only occupy a tiny fraction of the expanse of time, Buddha explained that our mind has existed throughout time. To understand Buddha’s teaching we have to first consider, how well do I know my mind? Can I precisely describe what my mind is? Can I find my mind? Can I explain how it works, in accurate and precise detail?

This series of classes will look at what is the mind, where does it come from, and where is it going. The topic of reincarnation sometimes called past and future lives, will be investigated clearly. This understanding gives our life great meaning and direction. Based on what Buddha taught about the mind we will find great peace and purpose in our life.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience or background.

Drop in anytime
~ Cost $10 per class
~ $5 for Students/Seniors
~ Free for Members