Overcoming Anger: The Power of Patience

Overcoming Anger: The Power of Patience

Every Thursday, February 7 – March 28 from 7 – 8:15 pm

Patience is a virtue. So, what does that make anger? Anger is a cause of suffering, for both ourself and for others. Beacuse of this simple understanding Buddha said we need to abandon anger. Although anger sometimes seems useful, careful reflection reveals that anger always leaves us burned in one way or another.

Patience, on the other hand, leads to peace and happiness. We will never be disappointed that we practiced patience. In fact, we will find that the greater our patience, the happier we are.

In this series of 8 classes, there will be an opportunity to learn precisely what is anger, how it arises, and why we should abandon it as well as the nature of patience, its benefits and how to practice being patient.

Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

Class fee is $10 reduced rates available