Saturday, October 12
Reinvent Yourself

Saturday, October 12
10am – 1pm

We are hosting a half day course to look at a very meaningful topic – our own well-being. We all want to become better people, leaving behind our heavy burdens so that we can find happiness. But, we are often stuck with a rigid view of our identity that prevents us from changing. Despite the pop-culture narratives that indicate we are stuck (unless we are bitten by a radioactive spider or something of this nature). In reality, we can change. Change is our very nature!

Buddha explained the most streamlined and effective methods to bring out our best self. If we put into practice these methods, quickly we will find ourself enjoying a better life. This is how Buddha attained enlightenment, he gradually improved himself until he attained omniscience.

With this workshop we will see that we can become something better, lighter, and happier. There are ways for us to deal with the difficulties of life and to become the person we want to be. There is never a wrong time to start asking ourselves “who do I want to be?” But, we also need to know how to make that change.

This day course focuses on how we can change, but also offers some perspectives that will help us decide who we want to be as well. Come be inspired and encouraged.

Everyone welcome.
~ Cost $25 per class
~ $12.50 for Students/Seniors
~ Discounted or Free for Members

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