December 31
Happy, Healthy New Year – The Buddhist Way

Happy, Healthy New Year – The Buddhist Way

December 31 from 7 – 9pm

As time marches on, bringing in another new year, we are thinking, again, at how we can have a happy year? Everyone wants to have a good year, a new year that brings better experiences, conditions, increased happiness and decreases in problems. For many people, the new year brings new opportunities, new hopes, and new resolutions. Still, each year we are trying to figure out what it will take to experience the happiness we desire.

Every New Year’s Eve we offer an alternative celebration with snacks, community, teachings, and a chanted meditation. This is all to give people a comfortable chance to start the new year with wisdom and purpose. This year we are focusing on teachings and prayers to develop happiness and health for ourselves and our world.

The emphasis will be on the teachings of the seven Medicine Buddhas By connecting with and understanding the wisdom of the Medicine Buddhas, we can be cured of heavy physical and mental disease, find release from the internal pain of the three poisons—attachment, anger and ignorance—and receive protection from many other dangers and obstacles. Then we can feel confident that a happy new year is coming our way.

The teaching and prayers will be hosted between 7pm and 9pm with a small break in between, but doors open at 6:30pm and we will close the doors at 10pm. This allows an enjoyable alternative event for people looking to start the new year in a new way, a peaceful, wise way.

Class fee is $20 or $15 if you pre-register.
Reduced rate of $10 is available for students, seniors or unemployed.
Free for FP members and half off for GP members.

Everyone welcome