Saturday, February 24
Meditating with Joy:
Authentic Transformation


Saturday, February 24 from 10am – 1pm


Do you ever feel stuck, stagnant, or unable to get over a challenge? How can an understanding of the mind help to shift our life for the better? Come and enjoy this special, in-depth day course about overcoming rigidity in our lives and ways of being. Buddhist meditation offers a host of tools to unlock static stages of life. Through harnessing the vast power of our mind, by focusing it on beneficial wishes and by connecting with the inspiring energy of holy beings, our entire life can transform. In this course, we will explore specific, time-tested methods for how we can start or continue this process in our lives, and ultimately unleash our untapped potential for enlightenment.

Class fee is $25 Reduced pricing for members, seniors, unemployed and students.
Everyone is Welcome.