Saturday, November 10
Buddha Maitreya Empowerment

Buddha Maitreya Empowerment

Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness

Saturday, November 10 from 10am – 4:30pm

Buddha Maitreya is the embodiment of all of the loving-kindness of all the Buddhas. This empowerment will be a blissful guided meditation which connects us to Maitreya’s enlightened love so that we gain great power in our spiritual development.

The commentary will focus on the special brief practice of Buddha Maitreya. The practices of Maitreya involves nurturing our own good qualities, such as love, by identifying strongly with his qualities. In this way, we begin to become someone whose love transforms the world.

Transforming the world through love may seem impossible, but if we look we can see how realistic of a goal this is. We know that when we have a strong loving mind, our whole experience of the world changes. But also others feel this change and they respond to it. In this very simple way, love has the power to transform our world.

9:30 – 10am Registration
10 – 12pm Empowerment
1:30 – 3pm Commentary
3 – 3:30pm Tea Break
3:30 – 4:30pm Yoga of Buddha Maitreya with Guided Meditation
6 – 8pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide Prayers

The event fee is $55

Everyone is welcome.