Sunday, December 31
Letting Go of Bad Habits

Public Talk: Letting Go of Bad Habits

Sunday, December 31st from 7pm – 9pm

Our negative states of mind and addictive tendencies are sometimes so overwhelming to us that we call them our “inner demons”. These negative states of mind are dissatisfied by definition and constantly demand our attention. It craves to be satisfied by other people, by food, by substances, by status, and so forth, yet never feels that it has had enough. Like drinking seawater, the mind of attachment never quenches our thirst, and only makes us thirstier. Although we may feel controlled by these difficult states of mind, we can learn to find freedom from within and defeat these demons. Buddha’s teachings on meditation and creating happiness from the inside provide us with real methods for transforming every challenging state of mind into the spiritual path. By applying these teachings to our lives, we will find a profound peace and inner strength that enable us to triumph over even the most destructive negative habits and states of mind and finally experience real inner peace. In this course strategies that aid in protecting our minds against depression, addiction and compulsive habits will be presented.

We will follow this event with special prayers requesting wisdom Buddha Arya Tara to grant us the inspiration and power to dispel our obstacles to a happy life.

Class fee is $10.
Reduced pricing for members, seniors, unemployed and students.
Everyone is Welcome.