King of the Dharma Retreat
Dec 9 – 13

King of the Dharma Retreat

Dec 9 – 13

By relying on Je Tsongkhapa our compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power naturally increase.

In this retreat, we will learn a profound practice to help us deepen each of these qualities and benefit all living beings. We will have a chance to increase our own good qualities and benefit all living beings. In addition, we will discover the great power of the following prayer:

Tsongkhapa, crown ornament of the scholars of the land of the snows,
You are Avalokiteshvara, the treasury of unobservable compassion,
Manjushri, the supreme stainless wisdom,
And Vajrapani, the destroyer of the host of Maras;
O Losang Dragpa I request you, please grant your blessings.

Consider that the compassion of all the Buddhas appears in the form of Avalokiteshvara, the wisdom of all the Buddhas appears as Manjushri, and the spiritual power of all the Buddhas appears as Vajrapani. Since Je Tsongkhapa is the synthesis of these three holy beings, if with deep faith we sincerely make requests to him by reciting this prayer we will gain a realization of great compassion like that of Avalokiteshvara, supreme stainless wisdom like that of Manjushri, and great power in destroying obstacles like that of Vajrapani. Gaining these realizations is extremely important for everyone because temporarily they will help us to solve all our daily problems and ultimately they will enable us to attain complete liberation from suffering, and full enlightenment. Realizing this, we should strive tirelessly to make requests to Je Tsongkhapa.

This is a Tantric practice of Je Tsongkhapa and is open to practitioners who have received the blessing empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa or Highest Yoga Tantra.

8:30 – 10 am
11 – 12:30 pm
3 – 4:30 pm
5:30 – 7 pm

Friday intro: $15 Saturday, Sunday, Monday, individually: $30 The Whole retreat: $75

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