Introduction to Tantra

Saturday, October 28th 10am – 1pm

“In his Sutra teachings, Buddha gives us great encouragement to accomplish the ultimate goal of human life. This goal will be accomplished quickly through the practice of Tantra. Tantra, also known as Secret Mantra or Vajrayana, is a special method to purify our world, our self, our enjoyments, and our activities; and if we put this method into practice we will attain enlightenment very quickly.

Because our world, our self, our enjoyments, and our activities are the nature of our mind, when our mind is impure they are impure, and when our mind becomes pure through purification practice they become pure.

We know that when our mind is impure, because we are feeling angry with our friend, we see him as bad; but when our mind is pure, because we are feeling affectionate love for the same friend, we see him as good.

Practicing Sutra teachings is the basic foundation for practicing Tantric teachings, and the practice of Tantra is the quick method to fulfill the ultimate goal of Sutra teachings.”
~ from the book: Modern Buddhism by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Class fee is $25
Reduced pricing for members, seniors, unemployed and students.
Everyone is Welcome.