Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Wednesday Nights 6 – 7:15 pm

There are a lot of ways that we view power as useful. How often do we think about the power of our own mind – will power – as a useful tool? Are we cultivating this inner strength so that we are more capable of accomplishing our goals?

It is nice to have a powerful and capable body; with it we can accomplish many physical tasks. It is good to have powerful, clear and influential speech; with it we can communicate our thoughts with more effectiveness. Best of all it is wonderful to have a powerful mind; with it we can direct our mind to causes of happiness and secure lasting happiness.

During this month-long General Program class, Gen Kelsang Wangpo, our Resident Teacher, will be talking about inner strength. We will learn how to develop the power of our mind and have a greater capacity for accomplishing our goals.

You can attend classes on a drop-in basis, according to your schedule.

Drop-in anytime
~ Cost $10 per class
~ $5 for Students/Seniors
~ Free for Members

Everyone is welcome.