Saturday, July 13
Do Something Different: Learn to Meditate

Do Something Different: Learn to Meditate

Saturday, July 13th

Summer is a season filled with opportunities for a lot of great activities. Hikes, picnics, drives to the coast, and all sorts of other things to do await us. Yet, we have done them before. They will do them again. Still, we seek something more. What is it that we are seeking? We seek satisfaction, contentment, a sense of ease.

Meditation provides us with the answers we seek. We just need to learn to meditate. This summer, there is an opportunity to spend a single morning learning the basics of meditation. Meditation is an art and an essential skill. If we wish to improve quickly and take control of our life, we need to develop this skill. We might think meditation is too hard, or we are too distracted, or we do not have the mental capacity, or that it is boring, however, if we learn how to meditate correctly and gradually develop familiarity we will soon find ourselves enjoying a great deal of happiness in our daily life.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of their background or ability.

Class fee is $25 Reduced for seniors, students, and unemployed – $12.50

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