Saturday, September 7
Better Relationships

Better Relationships

Saturday, September 7 from 10 am – 1 pm

A common misconception is thinking people are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; that some people just do not fit together. However, whether we get along and enjoys someone’s company does not depend solely on the attributes of the person, but on the quality of our mind. By uncovering and maintain our positive mind we can easily have bountiful harmonious relationships.

Relationships, we all have them – at home, work, in the neighborhood and at local stores. Every person we meet we need to relate to in one way or another, these interactions are the basis for our relationships. We have so many interactions, but how do we make them serve the betterment of our relationships?

This half-day workshop will allow you to develop some new ways of thinking and acting that lead to stronger, healthier relationships.

Class fee is $25. Discounted rate (50% off) for members, students, seniors, and unemployed is available.

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